Maybe I could read you some poems?

Here are selections from Concerning the book that is the body of the beloved, by Gregory Orr.

To listen, click the “play” arrow at the bottom of the players below. Hold the cursor to see a series of short gray bars, one for each poem. Click them to jump to any position in the audio.

Part one, selections from pages 16 to 43

13 minutes 21 seconds

Part Two, selections from pages 47 to 83

11 minutes 26 seconds

Part Three, selections from pages 94 to 130

9 minutes 18 seconds

Part Four, selections from pages 133 to 195

12 minutes 34 seconds

Music credits

Opening and ending theme

Photos of our lives, by Kit Keenlyside

Section 2 theme

102F, by Dario Benedetti

Section 3 theme

Tramp’s Dance, by Dario Benedetti

Section4 theme

Night Jam, by Federico Ferrandina