We can’t be sure how to plan this. It is too full of life. But we can begin tending the conditions for something alive to grow. Whatever this is today won’t be what it is next year. Same for who we are today. As we do this work together, "We" will become the next version of ourselves.

We are practicing the kind of emergent, intentional, co-creative dance we see as a potent model for our times.

What will this look like a year from now? There’s no figuring that out beforehand. We could keep it simple, specify a plan, make some books, and sell you products. But we are determined for this to be alive. That’s part of what we mean by a “participatory production company.” This is more like gardening than carpentry. Let’s tend the soil. Let’s try some things, pay good attention, and learn together.

We do know a few things. We know that there are powerful voices and leading efforts that are difficult to see and hear. We know media production and technology is getting better and more accessible. We know that people are busy, but also want to grow and develop. They can make time if the pace, group culture, and invitation are right.

At the moment you can see only a small part of what we’ve imagined. It will evolve through conversations with you, and with hundreds or thousands of you. It’s participatory. It’s emerging. It’s made of us. We feel excited.


As we take these first steps, Marc Rettig is playing a central founder’s role. Hanna du Plessis is a bedrock co-creator whose participation is shaped by the fact that she is living with ALS.

Marc Rettig

Designer, teacher, and question-dweller driven to explore how we can all get better at creating beloved community together. Co-founder of Fit Associates. Professor in the MFA in Design for Social Innovation at SVA. Oh and he has a little personal site.

Hanna du Plessis

Author, educator, artist, host of group dialogue and learning, and eager participant in life. Joyful and insistent leader in the shift toward a world where everyone is seen and treated as sacred. Principal of Fit Associates for eleven years, professor in the MFA in Design for Social Innovation at SVA for ten.


It’s different than a team. These are the players, the crew of actors who are individually and collectively contributing to the birth and early life of Okay Then. Together we explore through listening, encouragement, input and advice, imagine-if, maybe-someday, you-should-think-about, seriously-we-gotta, and I’ll-take-point-on-that. We are intentionally working in a space of becoming.

Deborah Alden

Strategist, advisor, designer and educator whose imagination and heart touches the future of organizations large and small, start-up to legacy. Co-founder of da/rk—a renewal and growth studio.

Erika Johnson

Artist, arts collaborator, non-profit leader, educator, community builder, environmentalist. Tour guide, story teller, facilitator and “ruins fairy” at Sager Mosaics.

Michelle King

Learning instigator, love activist, Architect of beloved community, teacher, abolitionist, local troublemaker. Might as well just watch her TEDx talk.

Maurice Stevens

Bring-togetherer, host of conversations that matter, committed to participatory leadership and more vibrant living at all scales. Associate Dean for Engagement, College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State University. Faculty Director of the STEAM Factory at OSU.

Ti Wilhelm

Arts equity operative, loving caregiver, analyst and strategizer, grant manager. Program officer/operations at The Opportunity Fund—a funder of the arts, and social and economic justice.