“How do I change the world? It’s a beautiful question. The only problem is that when I ask that question, I ask it with the same mind that raised me. If you were raised in an oppressive system, that culture lives inside you. I see it in myself and the people I work with—we want to bring a better future into the world, but we have inherited the tools of Oppression.”

We are thrilled to be in the process of bringing you Hanna du Plessis’ richly illustrated modern fable, Oppression and Sue. It’s easy to read, but points to a lifetime of practice for anyone who seeks to use their life in service to a life-sustaining future for us all.

In a few pages, Hanna uses a gardening metaphor to raise many profound questions. In developing this book, we hope to go beyond simply reproducing her text and illustrations. We want to make a tool. We’re asking ourselves,

“How can this book have a live beyond the bookshelf? How can it help leaders and groups host conversations that matter in their organizations and communities?”

True to Okay Then’s nature as a “participatory production company,” we are collaborating with some wonderful co-creators who will add perspective, stories, questions, facilitation guides, and activities for anyone who wants to use Hanna’s book in their world, with their people.

Sample pages