Something is going on.There is a remarkable rise of groups who patiently work in emergence and uncertainty. They are committed to equity and right relationship. Their methods recognize trauma, work to shift oppressive patterns, embrace complexity, and cultivate stubborn joy.

A shift from control to nurturing, and problem-solving to exploration

This means stretching beyond problem-solving and the approaches we’ve inherited from industrial and consumer practices. This work is wilder and deeper. In the complexity of social systems we are necessarily more like gardeners than carpenters, trying to nurture conditions for thriving life but unable to implement “better community” directly.

Let’s go

All over the world, in groups large and small, the practices of such work are evolving and maturing. It’s difficult, it’s messy, and it’s really a lot. We want to support that movement.

We organize our efforts in three ways.


Seasons take time. Seasons unfold over weeks and months, inviting a pace of engagement suited to people with full calendars and busy days. Seasons are suited to themes that benefit from time for language and perspectives to soak in through practice and reflection.

Seasons are open to your participation. When you subscribe to a season, you’ll receive something once or twice a week by email. You can optionally buy a seat as a participant in the season—contribute your thoughts and questions, take part in conversation and events, and even submit work for publication.

Seasons result in published stuff. Seasons culminate in publication of at least one book, usually accompanied by supplements like guides for group and organizational use of the book, audio “mixtapes,” and kits for practices—all sourced from one or more featured voices and the community of participants in the season. These will remain available long after the season is complete.


Helping leaders give their gifts more widely
As we’ve practiced and taught over the years, we’ve encountered people who have gifts to give, but who are so busy doing that their voice is invisible to those of us who will benefit. Some are already writing, but it’s difficult to access traditional publishers. Some are hard at work in their community, in their corner of the world, and could use some help in shaping their expression. We are so excited to work with these folks, to enrich the world with their gifts.

Adjust the form to serve good learning

A human figure is partly visible in an abstract flurry of leaves

We’ll let the form of their gift be shaped by who they are and what they have to give. Our first featured voice, Hanna du Plessis, is a writer, artist, teacher and host of profound gatherings. We’ve identified a book series that can come from her work, and aim to offer her art and her teaching exercises as well. Others may be best served through audio or video. Time will tell.


We can learn from each other, but we’re all really busy.
The “movement” of long-haul social pattern shifting work is happening in communities, organizations and systems all over the world. Most of the people involved are so busy doing their work, there’s no time or money to get their story out to help advance the practice of intentional change.

We aim to help.
PROJECTS are our way of funding and staffing a story collecting and production effort, in collaboration with groups who work on an edge of practice. The results will help us all learn from how they’re doing it, and who they are becoming as they work.

Might your organization be a development partner?
We have some creative ideas about funding, and gleams in our eye about who we’d like to work with. We have seen some brave and powerful work, and would love to make that work available to the world as a source of learning and inspiration.

If you have such a story to harvest and might commit resources to match our own, let’s talk.