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Help through the gift of food

Part of Hanna’s work right now is to keep up her weight. That means eating often and paying extra attention to her diet, just when her daily energy budget is low. This is one of those never-ending things–the days keep rolling by.

Friend Erika K. has set up a “food train” on a site called GiveInKind, where you can:
– Choose a day to bring a meal or nutritious snacks to Hanna
– Give Hanna a gift card for Whole Foods, GrubHub, or a “Care Card” she can convert to something she chooses.

Thank you. This is really helpful help!

Food sign-up & gift cards on GiveInKind

Ongoing needs, longer-term needs, wonder and joy, worst case,...

In collaboration with friends (thank you!), Hanna created this set of lists and sign-up sheets, organized by different categories of need and help. It’s a good way to offer what you can when you can, knowing that your help truly connects with Hanna’s need.

While you’re there, check out the “Resources” tab. A few of them offer ways to help YOU as you navigate the pain of people close to you becoming ill.

On the subject of helpful help, two pieces worth highlighting
Two links we find particularly relevant and useful:
RIng theory: How not to say the wrong thing <– There’s such a useful image in here.
How You Can Support Someone with a Chronic Illness (and Some Real Advice on How *Not* To)

Visit the Helpful Help Sign-up Sheets

Financial help

This caca is expensive! Co-pays for appointments, tests, labs and prescriptions. New dietary requirements. Possible future needs for assistance that is not covered by insurance. All while coping with a reduced capacity for producing income. Some folks have asked whether they can help financially, so Hanna set up a no-fee PayPal link for folks who would like to support her that way.

Send Hanna money