CareForce on stage at the Polish Hill Variety Show

Dear folks, we’re aware we haven’t updated you since mid-May. This is short—the main thing is, we wanted to show you a video!


– Hanna’s symptoms continue to progress, with corresponding upping-of-attention to her movement, balance, and overall care.

– Hanna continues to write, using a Tobii-Dynavox gaze-tracking device. Like most of the gear designed to support people in her situation, it’s both wonderful and infuriating. Hello, learning curve.

– We have regular help from two paid caregivers

– We are acquiring a used wheelchair-accessible van, for a price that really amounts to it being a gift.

– The major themes beyond basic care: end of life planning, hunger for continued connection to friends and family, creative voice (Hanna was just the guest on a podcast; more about when it’s published), spiritual life and fulfillment through this wild mix of loss, vitality and community.

Now…. On to the show.

Thanks to Mark Knobil for shooting, editing and posting the video.