How's Hanna doing? What's she saying? Anything I can do?

Hanna has an encounter

A place for Hanna to communicate with family and friends as she learns to live with ALS. 

How's Hanna doing?


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Event: Hanna at Creative Mornings Pittsburgh, 26 May

Hanna's energy and mood continue to improve, though her symptoms are also progressing. Her mom visits soon, and Hanna has received a wonderful honor as a writer. We have an update on finances, and two ways to help financially.

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Want to help?

There are many ways to help, whether you live near or far.

Purchase or deliver a meal or groceries
Send Hanna money for everyday needs (PayPal)
Contribute to a fund for her future medical and support expenses

See the “Ways to Help” page for more details.

Ways to help