4 January 2023

Hello all,
Happy new year to you.

(This is Marc writing.)
Hanna visited a neuromuscular specialist today. A doctor named “Sun!” She was a kind listener, a good communicator, and took lots of time with Hanna. I sat in on the visit, which consisted of a lot of good questions, many taps in many places with a wee hammer, and a series of tests that felt like little games. “Lift your arms. Don’t let me push them down.” “Close your jaw. Don’t let me open it.”

Next steps: a round of blood tests that look for many different kinds of indicators, intended to support or eliminate possible diagnoses. And an EMG test—electromyography—which will happen next Friday (the thirteenth).

More soon: The doctor said (I’m paraphrasing from memory here), “With these blood tests and the EMG, I feel confident I will be able to make a diagnosis and discuss next steps for treatment.” So, not necessarily more certainty, but at least a near-term expectation for more certainty.

Warmth to you all. May the year bring buds, blossoms and fruit.